That’s right, Christmas is coming around again – and fast! Over the next month there’s going to be a lot to prepare, to organise and to take care of before the big day. But, there’s nothing as important as the Christmas dinner- are we right?

We don’t know about you but here at Bennett’s Home Shine, Christmas dinner is the single best meal on our stomachs calendars, and with so much time and preparation invested in it, we want to make sure we’ve shared our top cleaning tips to ensure your Christmas meal is nothing less than perfection.


By providing professional oven cleaning services in Dublin, we know that cleaning your oven before you start your Christmas dinner is a great way to make your preparation and cooking is that little bit more enjoyable. A sparkling clean oven is more efficient, creates less smoke and allows the smell of your turkey to waft out, giving you a little more confidence in your kitchen on the big day.

Cleaning your oven before Christmas day is an investment that will pay itself back numerous times before Christmas has even arrived. We know that a clean oven means the time spent in the kitchen will be far less stressful, and overall more relaxed – ensuring your holiday spirit isn’t dampened with the task of cooking the Christmas dinner.

With so much to prepare, it’s inevitable that you’ll be spending a lot of your time in the kitchen and that a lot of your food prep will involve your oven! From vegetables, to roast potatoes and of course the turkey, your oven will be responsible for the vast majority of your Christmas dinner. So, to ensure your food turns out the best it can, a deep oven clean is always recommended a week before the big day.


Oven cleaning tips

A deep professional oven clean is a rewarding task- but not the easiest of tasks to undertake. Without proper cleaning agents and equipment, cleaning out your oven before Christmas can take a long time and a lot of effort. That’s where we come in!

RH Oven Cleaning can take the stress and work out of this tiresome chore for you. With speed, experience and trained professionals on our side, we’re able to provide you with the oven cleaning help you need to ensure you’re left with a stress-free Christmas and sparkling clean cooker you couldn’t be prouder of!


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