Professional Oven Cleaning

When was the last time you tried to clean your oven? We don’t mean a little wipe over and cleaning of the trays or pouring a solution over the racks, we mean a deep clean! With Spring among us and lockdown restrictions easing you might be anticipating that first roast dinner with your loved ones around, so it is a great time to get your oven sparkling and most importantly hygienic.

Oven Cleaning is often seen as a task individuals can do themselves, and question if it is a good idea to get a professional cleaning company to assist with this. Like most things in life, an extra hand to help goes a long way but is professional Oven Cleaning worth it?

Depending on your cooking/baking routines, most people will use their kitchen to prepare food on a daily basis; whether that is to rustle up an Irish Fry on the hob or to prepare a full Sunday Roast in the Oven. The demands will soon take its toll on your appliance, often leaving behind excess food, grease and smears on the glass, which if left untreated can cause damages in the future.

At RH, we offer the best professional cleaning package to help bring that something you use everyday back to life and leave it with a brand-new shine and smell so your Oven can last longer and perform better.

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If you are - or perhaps already do clean your oven yourself, please vary the products you use as some can cause hazardous fumes, and may be unsafe to use. With most oven product cleaners leaving a bad odour, it is important to keep this in mind. This being said, professional cleaning should not leave any smells behind and are safe for your home.

Ensure a deep clean with us, we don’t just “surface clean” but get into the awkward places and remove dirt and grime. It is our priority to leave your Oven to the best possible standard so you can get back to cooking what you love!

Why not choose RH as your Professional Oven Cleaning service provider in Dublin. Here’s a review from one of our loyal customers:

“Every year I make a Roast Dinner with all the trimmings for Easter for my family and always dread the tidying up afterwards so I always get RH Oven Cleaning to professionally clean our oven to save me some of the hassle. We get a lot of grease left at the bottom of the oven, and sometimes remaining food is stuck in awkward places. RH does an excellent job at bringing my 10-year-old oven back to life and leaves no mess behind!”  

  • Janice H. (Customer at RH Cleaning)
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