how to clean a range oven

Cleaning an oven is nobodies favorite job but you have invested a lot in your range oven and in many households they are the focus of the kitchen, so spending a little more time maintaining and cleaning your range oven will definitely prove worthwhile.  As well as being more hygienic, better for your healthy and prevent the smell of burnt and smoke of burnt on fatty food and grease.

To begin, it is always best to keep your range oven as clean as possible after use. This will prevent the main cavity of the oven and its cooking surfaces from becoming heavily soiled and more difficult to clean. Here are some top tips to help keep your Range oven looking sparkling.

  • When something spills in the oven or boils over on the hob try and wipe it up as soon as possible to prevent it from burning in to the surface.
  • To prevent food from burning on to the base of the oven use some Reusable Non Stick Liners. This is a thick re-useable sheet of non-stick liner (not suitable when the base element is used).
  • If you are doing a lot of roasting it may be beneficial to use steam to soften the food residues and prevent the roasting fat or oils to bake or burn in. Simply pour 200ml of cold water and very small amount of washing up liquid or lemon juice into a clean roasting dish and place on the lowest shelf of the fan oven, turn the oven to 120ºC fan function for 20 minutes. After this time the whole oven will be coated with steam and when cooled slightly, can be wiped out.
  • Never keep extra trays or racks in your oven when the oven is in use, this just causes the metal  trays and wire racks getting dirty and burning foods for no reason. Try to always keep your ovens empty.
  • Try and place pie dishes and baking dishes on baking sheets to catch any drips and spills from the dish and prevent it baking or burning on to the surface underneath.

Cleaning your Range Oven


Below are some tips to clean your Range oven: Note – when using oven cleaning products always read the instructions thoroughly. These shelf bought  products are one of the strongest chemicals you can shop buy. Always wear gloves and keep the room well ventilated.

  • Enamel – Sides, Floor and Roof of the Oven: Enamel oven cleaner or any proprietary oven cleaner that is suitable for enamel.
  • Trays, Shelves, Grills or Racks:  Chrome cleaner. Soap filled pad or Dishwasher.
  • Hob/Hotplate top and door surround:  Hot soapy water, soft cloth. Any stubborn stains remove gently with a nylon scourers and cream cleaner if needed.
  • Oven Door Glass: Hot soapy water, soft cloth. Any stubborn stains remove gently with a nylon scourers and cream cleaner. For extra sparkle apply window or glass cleaner after clean for extra shine.
  • Griddle Plate: Allow the plate to cool before washing. Use hot soapy water only with a soft cloth and rinse thoroughly.
  • Ceramic or Induction  Hob: Remove any dried baked on food deposits on the glass with a ceramic hob scraper, and polish with a soft cloth.

Get professional help for a safer and more effective clean

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