Professional Barbeque Cleaning

Dip Tank oven cleaning process:

  • This makes cleaning an electric or gas oven easy.  All detachable parts of your cooker are removed and placed in a dip tank filled with an effective cleaning solution.
  • Meanwhile, the cleaner thoroughly scrubs the rest of your cooker.
  • When all parts are perfectly clean, the technician will assemble your oven and test its functionality.
before and after oven clean

BBQ cleaning, even at the best of times, is an horrible task. But after a season of barbecues and a winter of storage, it can become especially laborious. RH Oven Cleaning specialists are able to tackle all ranges of makes and models to ensure you have a clean barbecue that is ready, hygienic and safe for the summer ahead.


If you use your BBQ heavily over the summer months, we recommend a deep clean either before or after the summer season. However if you have more BBQ parties than the average person, you may want a clean mid-season too to keep your food tasting great!

It is important to clean your barbecue grill to help reduce the amount of built up burned food deposits that may be stuck to it, which can help reduce smoke and toxins produced when you come to cook on it.

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