Professional Oven Cleaning

It is a well-known fact that cleaning the oven is one of the most hated chores in the home. At RH Oven Cleaning, we want to make it as easy as possible to get your oven clean and sparkling again. With our unique and innovative oven cleaning system we can help you restore your oven to perfect condition each and every time.

Here at RH Oven Cleaning we have developed a series of unique, no-added-caustic, oven cleaning solutions that are exclusive to our specialists. Our bespoke solutions have been designed to give outstanding results to all oven brands and models; including electric, gas, and range ovens.

Our solutions are tough enough to break down even the most stubborn stains. They are gentle and work in a way to maintain and protect all types of oven façades and interiors; from stainless steel to enamel, from chrome to glass.



At RH Oven Cleaning designed a  bespoke process designed to clean your oven to pristine condition. First we remove all the parts of the oven that can be removed and clean them in a non-caustic bath. This removes dirt and stubborn grease stains, before cleaning the inside of your oven. Once the oven is complete, and all parts are clean, the oven is then reassembled. Due to the solution we use it is then possible to use your oven straight away once the cleaning has finished.

Our non-caustic solution means that it is non-corrosive. Instead, our solution works by removing dirt and grease without the need of a corrosive substance. This makes it perfect for using on ovens, as it removes difficult dirt without either damaging the finish of the oven or leaving any unpleasant odours. By using a non-caustic solution it also means that the oven can be used straight away after the cleaning has finished.

How long a professional oven cleaning takes depends on a few factors, including how big your oven is and what type of oven you have. That being said, the average professional oven clean takes around two hours to complete.

Depending on how regularly you use your oven and how much you like to cook, will depend on how regularly you should consider getting your oven cleaned. For a regular household, using the oven a normal amount, we would recommend that the oven is professionally cleaned either quarterly or bi-annually. Doing so would ensure that it is possible to help avoid the build-up of grease, fats, and carbon deposits within the oven. That build-up can harm your oven over time, so removing that build up can aid with keeping your oven in good condition.

How much your oven costs to clean can depend on a number of factors. The size of your oven and what other appliances you would like cleaned can help determine the price, as well as what type of oven you have. 

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