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Nobody likes to clean their oven, but everyone in the home loves using it! What is often regarded as a mammoth task is actually very manageable with the correct method and approach. We at RH Power Washing are always on hand for your cleaning needs, but if you wish to try the task yourself, we are happy to share a couple of tips to make your attempt a success!

We recommend working with a supermarket-bought cleaner, they are outright the most thorough but are chemically based to allow for the most cleaning power; if you believe you are sensitive to this then why not try adding the juice of 2 lemons with some water as your cleaning solution, this is all natural but a less effective cleaner against stubborn grime.

  1. Put a towel down on the floor in front of your oven, this is to protect your floor from any spills and/or debris.
  2. Clear out your oven, everything removable needs taken out to give you a blank canvas to work with.
  3. With your cleaner (or natural solution) spray all surfaces inside your oven with the exception of gas outlets or heating elements - we recommend you wear gloves for this step and take care whilst working with chemical cleaners. Allow the cleaner to work for the allotted time indicated on the bottle, typically this will be 30 minutes.
  4. During this wait, spray your racks which you previously removed from the oven outside, then place them inside a bin bag tying the top of the bag - let them rest for the same allotted time on the bottle.
  5. After the wait, take a damp cloth (or a damp rag you don’t mind throwing out if the job is big) and wipe down all the surfaces of your oven, the more stubborn the dirty the more elbow grease to pour into it! There is no problem using something a little more abrasive to allow you to scrub and maximise your clean.
  6. Put your racks in the sink and rinse off with hot water from your tap, with the initial rinse completed, plug your sink and fill with hot water and washing up liquid - rub and scrub with a cloth or pad accordingly until clean. Once finished and dried off, put them back in your oven.

It’s really that simple, 6 steps to a clean oven - make it a habit to clean your oven every 6 months or according to the amount of use it gets and you will make the job easier for yourself in the long run.  if you are looking for the experts in Oven Cleaning Dublin get in touch today.

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